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Who Is VeloSource

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Our History

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20+ Years of Shaping Careers and Lives

Since 2015, cofounders Patrick Donovan and Jeff Schaal have continued to focus their company on the same vision they had upon VeloSource’s conception - to provide healthcare industry locum tenens jobs to companies that need to be staffed with the highest quality candidates. Our recruitment process is a rigorous one, a standard that truly sets the bar, which directly results in better patient care. 

Transforming Lives Through Pushing Recruiting Boundaries

Studies have shown that team members who are valued and happy at work, in turn provide a better output in their jobs, going above and beyond without expectation, which is why we maintain an employee-first environment. 

We take seriously the responsibility in referring locum tenens who are not just qualified at their jobs, but who are also passionate and motivated to provide the best patient care possible. In short, with the help of our incredibly talented staff, VeloSource aims to put the care back in healthcare. 

Our Mission


A Word From Our Employees At VeloSource

"I have worked for several locum agencies during my career. VeloSource is the only company that I have worked for that not only preaches great company culture,  but actually delivers on it. VeloSource truly cares about their employees both professionally and personally. From the CEO, President, or Vice President, all are available to all employees at any given time to help, give advice, or just listen."

Meet Our Executive Team

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