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Celebrating Growth: Katie Roeder’s Journey to Recruitment Manager

In the bustling world of locum tenens recruiting, where talent meets opportunity, there are few milestones as significant as a well-deserved promotion. This past month, we celebrated one such journey of growth and accomplishment as Katie Roeder, a dedicated member of VeloSource, ascends from the role of Recruiter to the esteemed position of Recruitment Manager.

Katie's narrative is not just about professional advancement; it's a testament to perseverance, passion, and unwavering commitment to excellence. Her journey with us began as a Recruiter in our Anesthesia department in 2021, where she showcased exceptional talent in identifying and acquiring top-tier providers for our clients. With a keen eye for talent and a natural ability to connect with people, Katie swiftly became an indispensable asset to our team.

Throughout her tenure as a Recruiter, Katie exhibited qualities that set her apart. Her ability to understand the intricate needs of our clients and match them with the perfect candidates. Beyond her technical skills, Katie's innate leadership qualities and willingness to go the extra mile earned her the respect and admiration of both her colleagues and clients alike.

As Katie transitions into her new role as Recruitment Manager, she brings with her a wealth of experience, knowledge, and a fresh perspective. Her promotion not only acknowledges her past achievements, but also reflects our confidence in her ability to lead and inspire others towards greater success.

In her new capacity, Katie will be responsible for assisting with recruitment operations, strategizing for future growth, and nurturing the talent within her team. We have no doubt that she will excel in this role, fostering innovation and driving results with the same passion and dedication she has always exhibited.

But Katie's journey is not just about her individual success; it's a testament to the supportive environment and opportunities for growth that define VeloSource. We take pride in nurturing talent from within, recognizing potential, and providing avenues for advancement. Katie's promotion exemplifies this ethos and serves as an inspiration for every member of our team to strive for excellence and embrace opportunities for growth.

As we congratulate Katie on this significant milestone, we also extend our gratitude for her unwavering dedication and hard work. Her journey from Recruiter to Recruitment Manager is not just a personal achievement but a celebration of the collective spirit that drives us forward as a team.

In closing, let us all draw inspiration from Katie's journey and reaffirm our commitment to fostering a culture of growth, development, and excellence. Together, we look forward to achieving even greater heights as we continue our journey forward, empowered by remarkable individuals like Katie who grace our team.


About VeloSource: VeloSource is a leading healthcare staffing and recruitment agency specializing in Locum Tenens services. By providing a vast network of highly qualified physicians, CRNAs, Physician Assistants, and Nurse Practitioners, VeloSource connects exceptional medical talent with healthcare facilities across the United States ensuring quality patient care and optimal workforce solutions.

(Posted 4/19/24 by Cassie Smith, Workplace Office Services Administrator, VeloSource)

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