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Navigating Risk: New VP Kelly Hetterman’s Critical Role in Safeguarding VeloSource’s Operations, Providers, & Quality Patient Care

The current need for locum tenens solutions continues to be driven by the shortage of providers, the increasing demand to treat our society’s chronic illnesses, and an aging population containing record numbers of retirees in need of constant care. The industry is currently predicted to grow by 10% year-over-year (Staffing Industry Analysts), and with that industry growth comes the vital responsibility that agencies have of mitigating risk and ensuring quality care between providers, facilities, and patients.

To fulfill such crucial responsibilities VeloSource relies on Kelly Hetterman, Vice President of Risk & Quality Assurance, recently promoted to the executive team.

"Kelly has spent an entire career assisting companies in maintaining the highest quality of candidates at the desk level and in leadership roles. Her leadership has always been a guide for us when it comes to risk tolerance, contract negotiations, malpractice, customer service, and her ability to communicate with internal and external stakeholders." - Jeff Schaal, President & Partner, VeloSource.

In our industry the presence of an executive leader such as Kelly is indispensable. Staying a step ahead of evolving healthcare regulations and potential risks is one of the most vital functions of a locum tenens agency. More specifically, the following areas of focus are integral to successfully navigating risk: Compliance: Locum tenens companies are establishing comprehensive compliance programs to ensure adherence to all relevant healthcare regulations and standards. This includes conducting regular audits, providing staff training on compliance requirements, and monitoring changes in laws and regulations to update policies accordingly.


Credentialing and Quality Assurance: To ensure high standards of patient care and minimize risks associated with unqualified staff, we are constantly strengthening our credentialing and quality assurance processes through thorough verification of provider credentials and conducting background checks.

Contractual Protections: VeloSource inspects all contractual agreements with healthcare facilities and providers to mitigate legal risks. This includes carefully reviewing indemnification clauses, liability limitations, and insurance requirements to protect against potential disputes and liabilities.

Risk Assessment and Management: Through proactive risk assessments we're developing mitigation strategies and contingency plans to address operational vulnerabilities and minimize potential negative impacts.


Quality Assurance: Continuous quality assurance plays a key role in risk management for today's locum tenens agencies. By monitoring performance metrics, soliciting feedback from our healthcare providers and facilities, and implementing evidence-based practices, VeloSource can enhance patient outcomes, reduce errors, and mitigate risks associated with substandard care.


Collaboration with Legal and Compliance Experts: We are collaborating with legal and compliance experts to stay abreast of regulatory changes, legal requirements, and best practices in risk management. This allows us to navigate complex legal issues, address compliance challenges, and safeguard our company operations effectively.


As exhibited by recent promotions such as Kelly to our executive team, VeloSource is committed to offering best-in-class operational support to the locum tenens industry. For more information, email or follow this blog for more updates. Don't forget to like/love/share us on LinkedIn & Facebook.


About VeloSource: VeloSource is a leading healthcare staffing and recruitment agency specializing in Locum Tenens services. By providing a vast network of highly qualified physicians, CRNAs, Physician Assistants, and Nurse Practitioners, VeloSource connects exceptional medical talent with healthcare facilities across the United States ensuring quality patient care and optimal workforce solutions.



(Posted 3/19/24 by Mike Gianas, Senior Director of Marketing, VeloSource)

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