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Journey of Growth and Passion: A QA Analyst’s Tale at VeloSource

Introduction: Meet Kallie Kassing, a dedicated Quality Assurance Analyst at VeloSource, who embarked on her journey with the company on June 1, 2021. In this blog post, we'll delve into Kallie's professional evolution, her role and responsibilities, and the unique aspects of her life outside of work.

Professional Evolution: Kallie's career at VeloSource began in a different role—Administrative Travel Coordinator. Managing travel accounts for Scott Pliske and his team was her initial responsibility from June to December 2021. However, in January 2022, a pivotal moment occurred when President, Jeff Schaal proposed a promotion to the QA/Risk Management team. Despite her initial hesitation, Kallie embraced the change and found herself under the mentorship of Kelly Hetterman, a boss who played a significant role in her professional growth.

Current Role and Responsibilities: As a Quality Assurance Analyst, Kallie is the first line of defense in ensuring that candidates align with the opportunities presented to them. Her meticulous vetting process involves verifying resume details, licenses, and reviewing malpractice/board actions. Despite the shift from her initial role, Kallie has found a supportive environment at VeloSource, particularly under the guidance of Kelly.

Passion for the Job: When asked about her favorite aspect of the job, Kallie immediately points to her boss, Kelly. The support, encouragement, and mentorship received from Kelly have been instrumental in her personal and professional development. Kallie also highlights VeloSource as a company with a caring, family-like environment, where each employee is valued as an individual first.

Professional Skills from Past Experience: Coming from a service industry background and having substantial administrative experience, Kallie's attention to detail, time management skills, and customer service aptitude are key components of her success. Her friendly nature fosters open communication, crucial in her role as the intermediary between recruiters and potential candidates.

Personal Life: Beyond her professional life, Kallie shares details about her family, which includes her husband Brent and three fur babies—Brooklyn, Chet, and CJ. Their shared love for kayaking, hiking, and travel has taken them to various states, with plans to explore more in the coming years using their pop camper.

Hobbies and Interests: Kallie and her husband's adventurous spirit extends to their love for kayaking, hiking, and exploring national parks. Notably, Kallie is an avid flow artist, specializing in hula hooping, and has a passion for roller skating, hoping to combine these interests in the future.

Closing Thoughts: Kallie Kassing's journey at VeloSource is a testament to the growth and opportunities within the company. Her story reflects the importance of supportive leadership, a nurturing work environment, and the seamless integration of personal and professional passions. As Kallie continues to thrive in her role, her experiences serve as an inspiration to others navigating their career paths.

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