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Spotlight: Amanda Poyner - A Dedicated Sr. Credentialing Analyst at VeloSource

In every organization, there are individuals whose passion and dedication elevate their work and make a lasting impact. Today, we shine the spotlight on Amanda Poyner, a remarkable employee at VeloSource. Join us as we delve into Amanda's professional journey, her role at VeloSource, and the positive changes it has brought to her life.

Amanda Poyner joined VeloSource's Privileging and Credentialing Department in January 2022 as a Sr. Credentialing Analyst. With a rich corporate background in credentialing, Amanda brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role. Her experience has been indispensable in upholding VeloSource's unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards of credentialing for the physicians she collaborates with.

For Amanda, joining VeloSource was a game-changer in her life. The positive atmosphere, supportive work environment, and perfect work-life balance provided by VeloSource were exactly what she had been looking for. VeloSource has allowed her to fully enjoy her professional life while maintaining personal commitments.

One of the key reasons Amanda loves working at VeloSource is her Director, Christina Marks. Amanda appreciates how Christina brings a sense of joy and fun to remote work through engaging group chats and meetings. Christina's ability to keep things light and enjoyable has fostered a strong sense of camaraderie among the team, despite working from different locations. Amanda truly feels valued and supported under Christina's leadership.

Outside of work, Amanda is a wife of 7 years, sharing a loving relationship with her husband. They have been together for 17 years and they are proud parents to a 15-year-old son who is passionate about basketball and baseball. Amanda cherishes her time with her family, engaging in outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and bike rides. One of her greatest joys is exploring new destinations, with Alaska being her favorite place to travel. When discovering one interesting fact about Amanda that most people may not know is she has one unique fear—elevators. As someone who experiences claustrophobia, elevators have always been a source of fear for her. In a twist of fate, Amanda's first day at VeloSource involved meeting President Jeff Schaal, which required her to conquer her fear and take the elevator to the office. Although challenging, this experience has become a testament to Amanda's resilience and determination.

Amanda Poyner's journey at VeloSource has been filled with personal and professional growth. Her dedication as a Sr. Credentialing Analyst, combined with the supportive work environment at VeloSource, has enabled her to thrive. With an inspiring director like Christina Marks and a fulfilling personal life, Amanda is an exceptional individual who continues to make a positive impact both in and outside of the workplace. We are grateful to have Amanda as part of the VeloSource family, and we look forward to witnessing her ongoing success.

Blog post by Brenda McGraw

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